How to earn money with these videos and niche packs

You don't need to be an expert in the topic to start earning money with CPA/PPD.  You'll receive everything you need: the website and the video proof. The rest requires sending traffic to it.  However, some people are REALLY starting from 0. Totally from 0. This section is for you, keep reading and you'll discover the potential of CPA/PPD and the service that you can hire from us.


I'm Pachu and I started Internet Marketing 5 years ago, I tried different things but what always worked out for me was CPA/PPD. On late 2013 i opened a landing page service, and soon later i started offering video-proof services. Since this is a huge market and everyone can earn from it, i decided to start offering a service called niche packs where publishers can get everything they need to start promoting their campaigns, a landing page and a video.


What's the idea behind CPA/PPD? Simple: you provide something that people REALLY WANT, and in order to get it, they have to do something for you. That something consist of completting an offer (surveys, downloads, pin submits), and you get payed by every offer that someone completes (this is called convertion on lead). Depending on the country and the offer, you get payed more or less money.

You may thing: "Why would anyone waste time on such a thing when you can get everything for free if you search deep enough on the internet?" Well, here comes the trick: on this business, you offer things that usually are expensive, but for free, and make them believe that they'll really get them after they complete the offer.

We will be focusing on online games. Millions of people play every kind of games around the world. Literally, MILLIONS. Game companies always sell in-game currencies for real cash, and some users just can't afford it or don't want to spend money on a game. Find a popular mobile/PC game (which are always played by 5+ millions monthly users), and check what people would love to get for free. The special currency of the game, gems in Clash of Clans, diamonds in Hay Day, v-bucks on Fortnite.

Once you realize what people would love to get for free (that's your niche) it is time to work. Point them to your website, and show them a credible video to convice them that what you're offering WORKS. Since they don't have to download anything (remember that they will be using an online generator) everything becomes even more attractive. The video that you're gonna show them will prove that the online tool "really works" and will generate this expensive currency for free. At the right time, they'll be requested to complete and offer to finish the process = you earn $$$.


If you have your own landing page, you should refer to the Phone in Hand videos or Mobile Frame videos services, depending on what you're looking for. 

Otherwise, you don't need any web development or video-creation knowledge to achieve this. You can hire the Niche Pack service where you'll get everything. Just upload the website to your hosting, set up your content locker and drive traffic to it.

Note: please make sure to read closely the details of each service on their respective section.

If you feel you're ready to purchase a niche pack, click here and place your order. I'm 100% sure you won't regret it.