Video Proof - Mobile frame

Offers available: PIN Submit - CPI - Email Submit - CC Submit

This type of video is similar to the phone-in-hand type. The difference is that instead of recording showing hands and a real phone, we record the whole process from using your landing page, to completing your offer, to showing the resources all from the mobile screen, virtually.


  • Device frame used to go through the entire process
  • Gift card and games niches
  • Niche background on the video
  • Zooms and animations to guide the user
  • No video-cuts - smooth video and transition

Some costumers have reported better results with these kind of videos when they promote on certain platforms. This type of video tend to survive longer if someone flags you, or depending on where you promote, have a higher approval rate. Order and test what works for you, the convertion rate is always maintained high. You can check different samples including this type of product heading to this section.

All type of videos share in common the following features:

  • Video delivered in full HD (1080p)
  • All niches availables: game hacks, gift cards, premium accounts
  • Moving or static watermarks with your domain to protect your video
  • Show before and after using your LP, currencies added on real time
  • Need a custom length of duration? 1-2-3-4-5 mins videos, as you need
  • Free copyright background music or silent video, your choice
  • UNIQUE video for each costumer
  • Custom video requests taken, just get in touch before ordering

Want to place an order?

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