Video Proof - Phone in hand

Offers available: PIN Submit - CPI - Email Submit - CC Submit

This type of video will show from start to end when someone wants to use your landing page, how to complete the offer and how to receive their resources, recording a couple of hands and a real phone going through the whole process


  • Using a real phone to go through the whole process
  • Gift card, games, all niches available
  • Your landing page on the backbround, so both version (desktop and mobile) can be seen at the same time
  • No video-cuts. Smooth video transitions

These are the most common videos and with best results. People will see exactly what they have to do, from using your landing page, to completing the offer, to checking their account to see how they get what they requested. You can check different samples heading to this section.

All type of videos share in common the following features:

  • Video delivered in full HD (1080p)
  • All niches availables: game hacks, gift cards, premium accounts
  • Moving or static watermarks with your domain to protect your video
  • Show before and after using your LP, currencies added on real time
  • Need a custom length of duration? 1-2-3-4-5 mins videos, as you need
  • Free copyright background music or silent video, your choice
  • UNIQUE video for each costumer
  • Custom video requests taken, just get in touch before ordering

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