CPA Paradise

Your main source for earning money with CPA

Increasing conversion rates since 2014

We are one of the oldest video services in the PPD/Content locking scene since 2014, boosting all of our customer’s conversion rates and consistently making them earn more money.
Over the years we’ve constantly been improving our craft and providing 100% custom services unseen in the industry. No video is too difficult for us.


Quality and support are the two pillars of our service

Target any country

We’ll help you convert the most common of CPA offers available: Pin Submits. Targeting nearly any first world country can get you leads upwards of $25/each. Instant ROI and Profits for all of your CPA campaigns

High Quality videos

We aim to provide you with the best videos in the market, everything from lighting, custom visuals, amazing smoothness of transitions, and most importantly 100% credibility. It’s not weird to hear from our clients that they themselves were tricked by our videos.

Top-notch support

We’re available for you nearly 24/7 to take orders and handle any questions you may have. Our ETA is also something we pride ourselves on, we aim to make things as fast as possible while maintaining our high quality standards for your video

What kind of videos can you get?

We provide our videos in two ways: phone in hand and mobile-frame.  Regarding the offer type we can create the video showing how to complete a PIN submit, app installs, email submit and CC submit.

Phone in hand

Here we do the whole process recording our phone in reality, showing the before and after using your landing page, and completing the selected offer in real time

Mobile Frame

Here we show the phone screen with the niche background, doing the whole process, using zooms and animations to complement the video instructions

Niche Pack

These include a fresh landing page and a phone in hand video, you can ask the pack for CPI (2 app installs) or Pin Submit, and it comes watermarked with your domain by default

HQ Videos from Mobile

Videos quality is top-notch as always. It doesn't only show your audience that the online generator works in real time and adds the currencies it promises, but also it teaches people how to complete the valuable PIN Submits.

Even if you have a high converting proof, sometimes people get lost when reaching the offer part. This isn't a problem anymore. We record the videos doing the PIN Submit/app installs in real time and showing the prize that comes after that (online generator currencies).